This School Bus Was Transformed Into A Little House on Wheels

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I have found my ultimate bucket list item!! This couple turned a big yellow school bus into a white tiny home — that happens to be a bus.

They gutted and worked on the bus themselves, transforming it from plain bus into my new dream. I am so jealous of the level of talent here!

Every bit of the transformation had to be meticulously planned before they actually implemented the design. It took them two years from the time they purchased the bus, until they hit the road for their travels.

From floor, to doors, to bathroom, to bed, to kitchen, it all had to be perfect. And, it is!

The tiny home turned out absolutely gorgeous! I mean, I’m wanting to move in right now. This place is nicer than my house!

They call this little house a SKOOLIE, and I need it in my life! I’m also going to need them to build and decorate it, because if I tried, it would NOT turn out this beautiful.

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