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The USPS ‘Operation Santa’ Is Going Digital This Year. Here’s How Your Kids Can Send A Letter To Santa

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‘Operation Santa’ is taking it online this year, so get those wish lists ready now!!

If you aren’t familiar with ‘Operation Santa,’ it is pretty cool. In years past, kids have written letters to ‘The North Pole’ in care of Santa himself, but the letters actually go to ‘Operation Santa.’

Courtesy of USPS

Once the letters are received, they are put up online for anyone and everyone to read.

That might seem like a little bit of invasion of privacy, but hear me out. These letters are posted online on December 4th, and people can go look at these letters online, and then secretly grant a Christmas wish for a child.

How super amazing is that?!?

You get to play ‘Santa’ to a little kid, and make their Christmas just that much merrier!

The program was started to help those in need, but any child is welcome to write a letter and get their wish granted.


‘Operation Santa’ ONLINE was first tested by the USPS in 2017, and was available only in New York.


This great online program has grown over the last 2 years, and now they are able to make ‘Operation Santa’ fully digital! That means it reaches even more people!

It is now open to the entire country!!!


Starting December 4th, you can go to the USPS ‘Operation Santa’ website, and ‘adopt’ a letter. That simply means you want to grant the wish of the person who sent it.


BUT, please don’t adopt a letter unless you really are going to fulfill the wish. We don’t want disappointed children out there.

This switch to digital comes at just the right time, as COVID has prevented so many people from getting out and about. Also, with everything shut down, jobs were lost, and Christmas might be a little lean this year for many.

What an awesome way to help, if you can!


‘Operation Santa’ (the snail mail version) was started in 1912, and it was a way for postmasters to help those in need.

It has now been opened up, so anyone who has the means can grant the Christmas wish of a lucky child.

If your child wants to write a letter to the BIG MAN himself (Santa, duh), they may do so at the following address: 

Santa Claus
123 Elf Road
North Pole, 88888

Then, it’s up to generous people (like YOU) to choose a letter you want to ‘adopt.’ 

It’s simple. You can choose any letter. It can be a giant wish, or a teeny tiny wish. If you have the means, run with it!


You get the opportunity to make someone else’s Christmas Merry and Bright, and that is a great thing!!

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  1. We are a family of 5 i currently an a stay at him mom/homeschool teacher. My husband Is a county deputy and school resource officer for our community. Here is a letter from our kids.
    Dear Santa, my name is ezrah I am 6 yrs old I have been a very good girl this year. I really like dolls and I love to draw.
    Dear Santa my name is Jouriah (Jojo) I’m 3 yrs old I l am a big boy this yr I learned how to potty!!! I really like dinosaurs ? and Batman I’ve tried to be really good this year.
    Dear santy my name is anyah I am 1 1/2 yrs old I love baby dolls anything that lights up and books I am trying to start on a sippy cup. I’ve been a real good girl santy.