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Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer Is The New Drink For All Pickle Lovers

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I am a pickle lover… like I even drink pickle beer! I have never had a pickle seltzer though and I am totally down to try it!

Miracle Seltzer

Miracle Seltzer has made this a reality by partnering with Adult Swim to bring us a limited edition Pickle Rick flavor. This is totally inspired by the ‘Rick and Morty Show’.


The coolest part about this is that it was created to relieve muscle cramps and add electrolytes back to your body. It’s sad to me that this is a limited edition because this is something that would be great for people like me as well as athletes!


The Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer is made from pure carbonated water and pickle juice. There isn’t any caffeine, sugar, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.


The Pickle Rick flavor was released online on November 7th and being that it is a limited edition drink it could disappear anytime. I do hope that they’ll reconsider and keep this drink available.


You can order a 12 pack or even a 10 ounce single can directly from Miracle Seltzer. I’m pretty excited to give it a try and am pretty confident that I’ll love it. What about you? Would you drink it?


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