Walmart Is Selling $3 Orange Glitter Syrup So Your Breakfast Just Got A Magical Upgrade

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You know what is better than syrup on pancakes and waffles? Um, orange glitter syrup!


Yes, this exists and it only costs $3 at Walmart!!

The other day I was minding my own business while browsing the Halloween isle at Walmart and BAM there it was – orange glitter syrup. I totally bought it.


Now, you should know that this is an orange colored syrup that is made with edible glitter so ya know, you won’t get sick eating it or anything.

It was spotted down the Halloween candy isle near the food not by the Halloween decorations.

It is priced at $2.98 so grab this and a box of their Halloween pancake mix and you have an adorable breakfast idea for Halloween!

This is gaining popularity so if you want it, run to your Walmart now to get it. You can also order it online here.


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