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Bread Tag Colors Actually Have A Meaning And I’ve Been Using Them All Wrong

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Going to the store and grabbing a loaf of bread is a pretty standard thing to do.

We don’t really think about it. We just grab the closest loaf, and go about our day.

But, according to @jordan_the_stallion8 on Instagram, we need to pay just a little more attention to the bread loaf we are grabbing off the aisles.

Did you know, the bread tags or twist tie colors actually have a meaning? That meaning is pretty important to the selection of the bread that you pick.


Those color-coded tags — the ones we often simply overlook — let us know on which day of the week the bread was baked and packaged.

What? Mind blown!!


Here’s the breakdown:

  • Monday’s tags are blue
  • Tuesday’s tags are green
  • Thursday’s tags are red
  • Friday’s tags are white
  • Saturday’s tags are yellow

In many bakeries, bread is not usually baked on Wednesdays or Sundays. Hence the reason, there are no color-coded tags for those days.

If you forget what color goes with a particular day of the week, they have actually made it easy for us.

The colors are alphabetical. Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow.

If you get really, really confused, just look at the expiration date. That will tell you the freshness of the bread, too. LOL!!

Now that you know, you can grab yourself the freshest loaf of bread on the shelf.

You can see the entire Instagram video by @jordan_the_stallion8 HERE.


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