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This Jack Skellington Inflatable Is Meant To Be Yours For Halloween

This is Halloween, This is Halloween — well, almost anyway.

I knew there was a reason — or 12 — that I loved Target!! They have all of their Halloween Boutique stuff available for presale now, and I’m so ready. I’m stalking the site like, “YES, PLEASE!!”

One of the most AMAZING things they have, that I immediately THREW in my preorder cart, is this not-so-scary Nightmare Before Christmas Inflatable Jack Skellington.

Courtesy of Target

The Pumpkin King, himself, y’all, this 7-foot-inflatable Jack is only 60 bucks, and I have to have him for my front yard!! Are you with me?

Courtesy of Target

Think about this — you can put Jack up with your Halloween decorations, and then he can STAY up for Christmas!! This inflatable can play double holiday duty.

This giant Jack actually comes out August 27th, but you can go ahead and pay for it NOW, and then have it delivered as soon as it becomes available.

You can pre-order it right on the Target Website.

Scare your guests and neighbors with the familiar face of this Airblown inflatable character. Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas smiles for this fun Halloween scene. Plug it in, stake it down and watch the magic of this Airblown inflatable character unfold.


Jack comes with everything you will need to get him up and going. You just have to plug him in to an electricity source, and he’ll be ready to go.

Just a word of warning — the Target website is selling out of their Halloween Boutique things quickly, so if you LOVE this inflatable as much as I do, don’t overthink it, just get it!