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You Can Get A Retro VHS Lamp Made From Your Favorite Movie

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If you’re looking for something different to dress up your movie room, living room, or even the bedroom, these amazing one-of-a-kind lamps are just what you need.

They have several different genres to choose from including Disney, Horror, Classics, and Modern.

I already see several in the Horror and Classic section that I would love to add to my home, even some for my kids!

These lamps can also work as night lights!

They’re are made with old VHS tapes that have been repurposed into one-of-a-kind lighting pieces.

Why don’t I ever think of stuff like this?

They have different styles available, some that just have lighting added to the inside of the videotape, and others that are built up with a theme from the movie.

I am seriously considering buying this Michael Myers Halloween movie lamp!

I love how they used the movie case and movie separately to stack to build the lamp.

The shop even takes made-to-order customs, so if there is something that would make a wonderful gift you can have it made!

They allow you to pick what color lights that you want inside, or you can leave the decision up to them.

There is an add-on option to choose a light that you can connect to a USB.

When you choose this option you can actually change the color and lighting pattern style!

Since the lights are battery-powered LEDs you can put your little lamp anywhere.

There’s no need to worry about cords and power outlets.

The LEDs lights are safe and don’t heat up and get hot.

They should last you a super long time as long as you keep the batteries strong.

Some of the lamps use 2 AA batteries and others use 3AA batteries (not included).

I think any movie buff would love to receive one of these lamps as a gift, I know I would!

You can purchase the VHS lamps from NancysJars on Etsy!

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