These Aren’t Lady Bugs, These Are Invasive Beetles And You’ll Want To Protect Your Dogs From Them

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As we move through fall towards winter, critters are getting ready for winter. This happens to include the Asian Lady Beetle and they are a serious pain in the butt.

A lot of people mistake the Asian Lady Beetle for the Ladybug, but they are very different creatures. The Ladybug is meant to be here and is harmless. The Asian Lady Beetle is invasive and you need to get rid of them when you see them.

So our American Ladybugs don’t cause any issues unless you have a phobia of them of course. Other than that they are harmless and great for our environment. In fact, we have raised them to place in our gardens because they help control the aphid populations.

Now, the Asian Lady Beetle is a beast. Fist of all, they swarm. Like REALLY SWARM. Secondly, they are looking for dry and warm places to spend winter, which will cause them to swarm into buildings and your very own homes.

They are aggressive little beasts

They have an awful odor and they bite! Not even kidding, those suckers pull you in looking like a cute little ladybug, then they bite you! This is where it gets dangerous for your dogs. If you notice your dog drooling or foaming at the mouth, open their mouth and look inside.

This isn’t a joke and can be dangerous. I have pulled these suckers out of my own dog’s mouths before.

To tell the difference between the American Ladybug (safe) and the Asian Lady Beetle (not safe), look at the back of the head. The Asian Lady Beetle has white on its head.

If you can, kill them when you see them. If you have an infestation you probably will need to call an exterminator to get rid of those aggressive tiny beasts.

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