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You Can Send A Jack Skellington Bouquet To Your Friends For Halloween And I Want One For Myself

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is my absolute go-to when it comes to Halloween movies. Some would say it’s more meant for Christmas, but I love the spooky and eerie feel of it!


So as I was looking for cute Nightmare Before Christmas décor for Halloween, I stumbled upon this AMAZING gem that I need to have in my life right now!


LovePop is a company that produces unique and extravagant cards and they have not disappointed this time! I have seen their ads before, but nothing has enticed me as much as this one! I have to have it!


According to their site:

Lovepop Flowers — our large, standalone centerpieces that are perfect for giving and displaying. Lovepop Flowers have the same intricate detailing as all of our Lovepop greeting cards, and they come beautifully packaged in a protective envelope. Allergy-friendly, portable, and long-lasting, these flowers can be shared with anyone, go anywhere, and will never wilt.


Everybody scream! Send these creepy-cute blooms to that one friend who wishes every day was Halloween. Give your other half this Seriously Spooky Bouquet as a gesture of your undying love. Any diehard fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will adore this scary sentiment.


I love that this is a thick paper bouquet. This means that it could be saved and used again, or used as a decoration all year long! I hate seeing beautiful floral bouquets wilt so quickly, and then they have to be thrown in the trash. This is the perfect alternative, and to me, just as beautiful!


These are available on the Lovepop website for $26 with free shipping! You can also add a personal note to your bouquet for an extra fee. I want this. Everyone wants this. Get it. For me. Now.


If Nightmare Before Christmas is not for you, not to worry. They have EVERYTHING. From Hocus Pocus to Sugar Skulls, you should be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for! And they have stuff for every occasion, not just Halloween!


So what are your thoughts? Would you love to receive a fancy paper bouquet or are you more of a classic floral bouquet person? Comment below and let us know what you think of this product!


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