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You Can Get A Mask With Your Face Custom Printed On It And I’m A Little Freaked Out

We have covered some absolutely amazing and adorable masks lately, but this one is…a little different. You can get your actual face 3D printed on a mask to supposedly make it look like you’re not wearing one but good lord it freaks me out.


I actually LOVE this concept, but I just can’t get over this! These are FREAKY accurate and it looks like she’s taking her face off!!!


Danielle Baskin is a designer in San Francisco who creates “trendy dystopian items”, including a line of unique N95 respiratory masks that work with facial recognition software. She has since updated this line to include a machine-washable protective cotton face mask that can be custom ordered with any image, including your own face!

According to Baskin’s page, Maskalike,

We’re a service that prints images onto protective face masks. Whether it’s a replication of your own face or your favorite meme, we care about the details. Our masks are sure to make people around you do double-takes and have a brighter day.


This includes a mask she already has on her page, featuring the notorious meme of “Hide The Pain Harold”! This mask sold out so quickly and is now on back order! (Way to go Harold!)

You can also get a Getty Images mask, you know, to make sure no one steals your copyrighted face!

With you being able to pick any image, the options are truly endless. But if you pick your face…you will definitely be getting some attention for sure! It’s funny, sometimes subtle, and definitely an attention grabber…especially when you’re taking it off and it looks like you’re peeling your skin off. Just don’t make any children cry…please.

These face masks are made out of cotton, are washing-machine-friendly, and can be custom made with any picture, so why are you still reading this? Go get yourself a mask! With today’s society, you have to usually wear a mask in the work industry. And many are still required to wear them in the metropolis. So it’s time to have some fun with it!


So what are your thoughts? Scary? Adorable? Funny? Mixed emotions like me? Comment below and tell us if you’re interested in one of these…very interesting masks!


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