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I Am Fully Vaccinated But I Can’t Tell My Family

I am fully vaccinated, but I have to keep it a secret.

You might have noticed there is a bit of a divide between the people who think the vaccines are a good thing and the people who think the vaccines are a conspiracy.

The majority of my family falls in the second camp.

This wouldn’t be a huge deal, except my family is very close.

My husband and I lived with my parents after we were married, and now we basically live in their backyard. I’m not talking figuratively. I’m talking, you walk out our door, walk 20 steps, and you’re on their property.

We spend our holidays together. We celebrate all life’s events together. We all eat together every couple of months. Heck, we even vacation together — 4 families, always together at the beach or in the mountains.

My family is very close.

I would consider my brother my best friend, and I talk to my sister at least four times a week on the phone.

If something goes wrong, everyone bands together to pick the fallen one up, dust them off, and set them back on a healthy, forward path.

So, it’s kinda weird that I can’t tell them something as major as “I’m fully vaccinated.”

It would cause World War III in my family, and create a rift so wide that it would be impossible to glue back together without leaving cracks and holes in the foundation.

My mom is so against the vaccine that she sends me videos and articles on a daily basis. They are always talking about some new conspiracy surrounding the vaccine. She finds “doctors” who back these conspiracy theories, and she hangs on their every word like it has biblical importance.

She believes that the government has put little “nanobots” in the vaccine, and they are going to turn these “nanobots” on in 6 months. Once the “nanobots” are activated, the vaccinated will do and say anything that the government wants.

I don’t want to call her crazy. I mean, she’s legitimately afraid. In her world these are facts, and NOTHING I say or do is going to change that. It WILL, however, cause a war in our family.

I have learned to just keep my mouth shut. I can, and do, disagree with her on the entire thing, but it’s more damaging to fight and argue about it than to just let her have her beliefs.

I may be thirty-something years old, but in her world, I am still a little kid who needs their hand held in every situation that life throws my way.

I have learned to just keep my mouth shut.

My sister and her family started taking a daily malaria drug and a precise cocktail of vitamins back at the beginning of all this. No doctor in their town (nay, their state) would prescribe it, so they contacted a doctor in Missouri who somehow sends them the medication every month. They are SURE that it’s going to protect them from the virus.

Now, in their defense, none of them have gotten COVID. But, neither have I.

Here’s what I don’t understand. They won’t get the vaccine, because it is putting chemicals (that are pending FDA approval) into your body. But, they will obsessively take their cocktail of hydroxychloroquine on the daily. In my mind, they are putting FAR more chemicals into their bodies than I did by taking 2 doses of a vaccine that has been proven effective.

I must not believe in God.

My brother and his family are in the group that believes that God will protect them from the virus. If I don’t trust Him with this, I must not have true faith in Him.

Now, I believe in God. I think He always has my best interest at heart. But, I also believe that He gives people the knowledge to make drugs and vaccines that help keep us alive.

Now, maybe I’m the unbalanced one. Maybe I have nanobots coursing through my veins as we speak. We may never know WHO is right. Maybe we are all right in our own ways.

One thing is certain, however. I am fully vaccinated, and I have to keep it a secret.