The Planters Mascot Mr. Peanut Is Dead and People Are Devastated

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I don’t even know what to say… I am in shock and a bit confused but news has been circulating the internet that Planters Mascot Mr. Peanut Is Dead and His Funeral Will Air During The Super Bowl.

Yes, Mr. Peanut, the mascot for Planters Peanuts, has died.

The company Planters decided to kill off Mr. Peanut during a Super Bowl commercial leak. In it, he sacrifices himself so his friends can live.

In the video you see Mr. Peanut let go and fall and hear his friend say, “maybe he’ll be alright”. Then the car along with Mr. Peanut, explodes.

Now, if you are thinking, well maybe his peanut shell protected him and maybe he’s alive, you are wrong.

The Planters Facebook page has confirmed his death by saying:

“It is with heavy hearts that we confirm Mr. Peanut has died at 104. In the ultimate selfless act, he sacrificed himself to save his friends when they needed him most. Please pay your respects with #RIPeanut.”

So, yeah, he isn’t coming back.

Now, why would Planters go and do something like this to a beloved iconic mascot?

Well, according to reports, it may have been to see the reaction of fans. Um, what?!

“We started talking about how the internet treats when someone dies — specifically, we were thinking about fictional characters, [like when] Iron Man died,” Pierantozzi said, referring to the death of the Marvel character in last year’s “Avengers: Endgame.”

“When Iron Man died, we saw an incredible reaction on Twitter and on social media. It’s such a strange phenomenon,” Pierantozzi said.

Mike Pierantozzi, Group Creative Director at Planters’ agency VaynerMedia

It sounds like they wanted to see the reaction of people and they sure got a reaction. People are saying everything from they can’t be it happened to they’d never buy from Planters again if this is true.

People are DEVASTATED.

Even large brands are getting in on the news…

You can watch his very sad death in the video below. The funeral will air sometime during the Super Bowl.

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