This Chick-fil-A Location Offers a 3-Day Work Week with 14-Hour Shifts

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Forget five day and even four day work weeks because this Chick-fil-A store has opted for less than that.

Justin Lindsey, a local operator of a Chick-fil-A chain in Kendall, Florida has introduced a new work week at the restaurant that includes a 3-day work week with 14-hour shifts.

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Combatting work burnout, increasing staff retention, and consistency in worker’s schedules is what Lindsey had in mind when coming up with thew program according to reports.

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“My idea was to provide staff with this gift of time by creating a scheduling system where they would know exactly what days they worked for as long as they work here,” Lindsey explained to Insider.  

Justin Lindsey
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Lindsey noted that since the idea of a condensed work week and a more consistent schedule, the new hours have allowed Chick-fil-A employees to plan their lives outside of work in advance.

The revised schedule which began in February has resulted in 100% employee retention at the management level including a flood of new applicants too, according to QSR Magazine.

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The chain since has received more than 420 applicants for one single position that opened this fall!

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And most recently, 25 Chick-fil-A workers and 18 team leaders decided to opt into the newly revised work week, according to Insider

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