To Those Of You That Have To Go Into Work Today, Thank You

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I work from home. I’ve been doing it for many years, and so when I was asked to social distance myself from everyone, aside from a shortage on toilet paper and bottled water in my grocery delivery, my life stays pretty much the same. 

Working from home

Some of you that go into work every day will be able to easily transition and work from home. Welcome to the no pants club! Oh, and a quick pro tip— stay hydrated. Keep water at your desk! 

But there are those of you that have to go into work today in order to keep the world going round. And I’m not just talking about the doctors and nurses and those in the health profession. (We thank you, too for what you’re doing right now, don’t get me wrong. You are so appreciated during all of this.) 

I’m talking about the truck drivers that took a long haul trip this weekend to make sure toilet paper got delivered to our local stores. Thank you. 

We know you had to stop at several bathrooms and gas stations along the way, just hoping nobody inside was infected or sneezed in your direction. 

Thank you to the grocery clerk that stocks the shelves we just emptied out. Not only are you at work this week, but your job just got ten Times harder. Instead of having to stock a few loaves of bread your stocking entire aisles of canned goods, produce, and meat.

This  is going to take so much time. I don’t even know how you’re going to get to it all. 

Thank you to the care teams and engineers at the wastewater treatment plant. Without you, we couldn’t flush our toilets, or take showers. You’re keeping our lives hygienic and sanitary. We appreciate what you’re doing for us. 

Thank you to the gas station attendants. Your job is what makes the truckers be able to drive. Without gas everything else would just fall paper. Without you there, accepting our credit card purchases and keeping the pumps ready to go, this entire country would be at a standstill.

We owe you a huge gratitude. 

Thank you to the warehouse workers. Pulling and stocking our orders we are frantically ordering, trying to keep a smile on your face knowing that you are out in the world doing your job so that the rest of us can get the things we need.

Thank you to the delivery drivers. To the people in those brown trucks, and those postal vans who are walking up to house after house. Delivering package after package. Having no idea if the people behind those doors are infected.

Thank you to the farmers, who without we wouldn’t have fresh produce and meat to feed our families. We know you work hard all the time without a lot of praise, but we should stop and appreciate you more.

A huge thank you to all the faceless nameless people that keep our world running so the rest of us can social distance and work this way. 

Thank you for your time, thank you for taking a risk to your health, and most of all thank you for taking care of us. 

We appreciate you. 

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