People Are Using Wine Corks to Keep Fruit Flies Away

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I am totally trying this!

You know when you read a hack so good, you just can’t wait to try it? Yeah that is what happened here…

how do you keep fruit flies away from your fruit

People Are Using Wine Corks to Keep Fruit Flies Away and it is the coolest hack I’ve seen in aspirin in laundry or Kool-Aid in the toilet.

How to use wine corks to keep fruit flies away

Fruit flies are pesky little bugs that can truly be hard to get rid of. They are attracted to fruits but also to the moisture. That is why people commonly find them in kitchens and bathrooms.

Personally, I’ve had issues with fruit flies lately and they are driving me crazy so, I am going out to buy some wine because apparently wine corks keep the fruit flies away.

wine corks are a secret weapon to keep fruit flies away

Sounds crazy, right?

But according to a french grandmother’s trick, wine corks are the best defense against these bugs.

Why? or even how? Well, since wine corks have absorbent material that soaks up any extra moisture, it works the same as produce ripens, removing moisture from the air which is what attracts fruit flies in the first place.

In fact, a classic french cookware company known as Emile Henry even created a French Ceramic Storage Bowl that is made with cork as the top for this very reason.

“The cork lid is inspired by an old trick where people would toss wine corks in their fruit bowls to absorb extra moistureβ€”pretty cool, huh? “

this is a super smart way to keep fruit flies away from your fruit

I mean that bowl is brilliant but for $140 you could buy several bottles of wine, drink them and collect the corks. Just saying…

The only thing is, you want to ensure that the corks from the wine bottle don’t have any wine on them (the smell of the wine will surely attract more fruit flies).

people are using wine corks to keep fruit flies out of their fruit

Once you’ve gathered your corks, place them beside your fruits and watch the fruit flies BE GONE.

People seem to be using this hack too:

This is a hack I am totally giving a try!

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  1. I have fruit flies and over 500 wine corks but I think the corks are not getting rid of the fruit flies. Any other ideas on how to get rid of them? Thanks.

  2. OK it keeps saying it kills the fruit flies but how? Do they just land on the caulk and die? Well I have a bunch of fruit fly bodies all over my counter? Please explain how this works and what happens to the fruit flies.

  3. This article is almost plagiarism, copied from Food 52’s article, posted earlier.

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