The New Proposed Stimulus Check Means Many People Would Get More In Payments Than Before

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As promised, we are keeping you updated on things regarding the Senate and the next Coronavirus Bill.

Yesterday, the Senate presented their bills and for once, it seems that the Democrats and Republicans both agree on something – people need more money in regards to stimulus checks this go around.

In the original stimulus check, people received $1,200 per adult plus $500 per child (based on income). However, any child over the age of 17 or any other dependent, did not qualify for the extra $500.

This time around, both parties have decided to introduce more money by offering ANY dependent the same amount.

As of right now, the proposed amounts by the The Republican plan would send a second wave of stimulus checks of up to $1,200 to Americans, plus an additional $500 for any dependent. 

That means parents of older high schoolers and college students claimed as dependents would get the bonus, as well as those taking care of elderly loved ones who are dependents.

“We also include, in the additional $500 for each dependent, some people that we didn’t intend to leave out last time, but we did,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said from the Senate floor on Monday. “So regardless of age, some of these dependents will now be helped.”

That is great news because The Democrats’ stimulus check plan under the HEROES Act also proposed that taxpayers would receive the extra dependent bonus for any dependent claimed on their tax return.

The key difference was that the proposal suggested a larger benefit of $1,200 per dependent, instead of $500.

Bottom line is – at least they agree that more money should be available to those that have dependents regardless of age.

As soon as we know more, we will update you!

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