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Netflix Just Announced ‘The Witcher’ Is Getting A Spinoff Show and I’m So Excited

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Raise your hand if you watch The Witcher on Netflix. Addicting, right?

Courtesy of Netflix on YouTube

Guess what, Netflix has announced that there will be a spinoff show to The Witcher, and GAH! I can’t wait!

It will be called The Witcher: Blood Origin, and it will be set 1200 years before the show we know and love. It will follow the FIRST witcher, and will show how they even became what they now are.

Courtesy of Netflix on YouTube

We know that it is going to be a 6-part, live action series, but we don’t currently know much more. Netflix hasn’t divulged all the details yet, but I’m sure that’s coming soon!


Rumor is, the show will also explore elves, monsters, and we will get a good backstory that explains things we didn’t know from the series — or the books and the games, for that matter.


Do we know when it will drop? Nope. Do we know who is going to star? Also, no. Do we know if there is a date for filming to start? Um — No.


We are LUCKY we know the show is coming, and it definitely gives us something to look forward to.


If you haven’t seen The Witcher, now is a good time to binge watch the whole thing. You can find it right on the Netflix streaming service.


Watch a trailer for The Witcher below.

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