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Blue Bell Released Christmas Cookies Ice Cream So Bring On The Holidays

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Blue Bell is totally on top of it with its Christmas Cookies ice cream out to kick off celebrating early!

Blue Bell

This isn’t a new flavor for Blue Bell, it was out last year as well, but it is a limited holiday release. So if you want it, get it now and stock up!

Blue Bell

They also brought back one of my personal favorites and that is the Peppermint ice cream! I’ve never tried the Christmas Cookies ice cream and I am totally looking forward to it!

Christmas Cookies Ice Cream, back by popular demand, is your favorite holiday cookies – chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and sugar – combined in a tasty sugar cookie ice cream with red sprinkles and a green icing swirl throughout.

Blue Bell

If they could bring back the Peppermint Bark ice cream as well, that would be amazing! All of these flavors fit perfectly with the Christmas season!


I know we haven’t even hit Halloween yet, but I’m on my way to the store right now to stock up on these Christmas Blue Bell Ice Cream flavors! That way we can enjoy the Peppermint and Christmas Cookies Ice Cream flavors for the rest of the year!

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