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Nestlé Toll House Has New Cookie Dough Bites That You Can Eat By The Handful And I Need Them Now

This edible cookie dough stuff is what dreams are made of!

See, I have a phobia about tasting raw egg stuff, so tasting cookie dough and batter has always been a big NOPE for me.

But now… now they have all of this safe edible cookie dough out and I am in heaven!

Nestlé Toll House started making edible cookie dough in 2019 and they keep adding new flavors to the line-up.

Nestlé Toll House

The cookie dough bites came out in 2020 and you can just grab a handful of the bite sized dough pieces and toss them in your mouth.

The newest cookie dough bite flavors from Nestlé Toll House do not have the same chocolate shell that the first ones did.

nestletollhouse – Instagram

They come in two great new flavors:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Cookies & Creme
Nestlé Toll House

The chocolate chip cookie dough bites is just what it sounds like, chocolate chip cookie dough in a bite sized ball.

Nestlé Toll House

The Cookies & Creme is made with real chocolate & creme sandwich cookies that they coat in a shell of cookie pieces!

Both flavors sound amazing!

These new products were just released in June, so you can expect to see them soon if you don’t see them in stores already.