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Super Mario Oreos Are Here So You Can Help Save The Mushroom Kingdom

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Pretty soon, you can help save the Mushroom Kingdom simply by buying the limited-edition OREO x Super Mario cookies.

My kids are going to be so obsessed!

These classic Double Stuf creme OREO x Super Mario packs are going to be randomly stuffed with 16 embossed cookies that contain your favorite Super Mario characters and power-ups.

Get ready to chow down on Mario, Luigi, Super Star, Goomba, Coins, Bowser, and so many more.

There are so many playful synergies between Oreo and Super Mario, it was a no-brainer for us to team up to connect fans of all ages through this delightfully playful cookie collaboration.

Vishnu Nair, Senior Brand Manager at OREO

Since the bags are stuffed randomly, you won’t get all the character cookies in all the packs. In fact, Bowser is going to be the hardest of all to find — just see if you can find him!

You might notice that Princess Peach is missing from the OREO x Super Mario gang entirely. This is completely intentional.

Do you smell a game in your future?

OREO is calling on superfans to participate in a social challenge to stop trouble-making Bowser from taking over her castle! 


Here are the game deets:

Starting July 10th, grab your phones and your OREO x Super Mario cookies.

Starting July 10, fans will be challenged to balance cookies on the rim of a glass of milk, stacking as many hero-embossed cookies as possible atop a hard-to-find Bowser cookie until he is defeated (a.k.a. the cookies fall into the milk) 


But, wait! Of course there is going to be some kind of prize!

We may even reveal a surprise as a thank you to those who successfully defeat Bowser and save the kingdom… Fans will have to wait and see!

Vishnu Nair, Senior Brand Manager at OREO

So, when can you start getting your hand on these OREO x Super Mario Double Stuf cookies?

You can preorder these fun cookie sandwiches NOW at OREO.com/SuperMario.

The OREO x Super Mario cookies will be available at retailers nationwide starting on July 10th.

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