People Are Making Natural Swimming Holes By Replacing Their Pools With Ponds and I Love It

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There’s something refreshing about taking a dive into the cool blue waters of a backyard pool when the sun is beating down and the UV is over eight.

Most recently, people are finding another way to cool off on a hot summer’s day and replacing the family pool with a more natural approach.

They’re calling it, “Nature’s Swimming Hole” for those of you who love to swim.

Courtesy of A Piece of Paradise

Nature’s Swimming Pool allows home owners to replace their pool for a pond that can be used for swimming which means a piece of paradise is less than 20 feet from your home.

Courtesy of A Piece of Paradise

San Antonio Builders allows artwork to be placed at the foot of your backyard doorstep with an arrangement of rocks and greenery surrounding the swimmable pond.

Courtesy of A Piece of Paradise

Dave San Antonio, the owner and designer of Nature’s Swimming Pools travels to your home or business to create the perfect piece of paradise and even gives the option to DIY your own pond with the large selection of supplies you can purchase at their Pond Shop for construction and maintenance!

Courtesy of A Piece of Paradise

You can visit their website for more information on how to achieve your own Nature Swimming Hole in the back of your home, in the front of your business or even in the backyard a vacation home; let the swimming festivities begin!

Courtesy of A Piece of Paradise

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