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Target is Selling Thanksgiving Succulents and I’m So Grateful

Thanksgiving is the time of thanks, and you know who we don’t thank enough? Ourselves.

Since Target is Selling Thanksgiving Succulents, I decided I would thank myself for being me by Giving Myself One and you should too!

Sure, you can certainly keep your Halloween succulents up all-year long or swap them out for something more fall festive like this:

Again, give thanks to yourself. Also, it is only $5! SCORE.

This Gather Succulent Mug is adorable and perfect for a Thanksgiving tablescape.

This Hello Autumn Succulent Mug is perfect for any desk.

And these twinning Pumpkin Succulents are a must-have. Just $10 for the matching set!

There is even a white pumpkin set...

You know you need all of these so hurry over to Target before they are gone!