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The First Wireless EV Charging Road Is Coming And It Is So Cool

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What in the actual voodoo magic is going on here?

Detroit is going to be the first city in the United States with a — get this — Wireless EV-Charging Road.


Can you wrap your head around what that means?

It means that electric cars can drive along this road, and get charged without plugging into anything.

You don’t even have to be stationary. The road will charge your EV if it’s moving or standing still.


This electric road system will start out as a one-mile stretch of roadway in Detroit known as Michigan Central.

According to CBS News, the roadway, which was designed by Electreon, will use special coils embedded in the pavement. These coils use magnetic frequencies to charge EVs on the roadway.

The magnetic frequencies connect to a charging pad which is underneath the EV.

You can kind of think of the roadway as a wireless charging pad. The same kind that charges up your cell phone.

Now, if you have a normal gas-powered vehicle, don’t worry. The coils do not interact with the gas-powered vehicle at all. It would be just like traveling on a regular road for a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

Electreon will lead the design, evaluation, iteration, testing and implementation of the pilot
program, which aims to be operational by 2023.

Electreon Statement

This gives me hope. I have been putting off buying an electric vehicle, because I’m afraid of the time it will take to charge it.

BUT, if the nation starts building roads that actually charge the vehicle while in motion, I just might have to break down and get an EV.

What do you think about the electric charging roadway?

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