Halsey Announced She Is Expecting Her First Baby And The Picture Is Gorgeous

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Gah!! Celebrity baby alert!!

Halsey took to Instagram — because that’s where ALL the news happens — to announce that “Surprise!!” she is pregnant!!


The 26-year-old Grammy winner is pregnant with her first child, and her boyfriend, screenwriter Alev Aydin, is the proud baby daddy.


Way back in 2018, Halsey revealed that she was freezing her eggs, because she had been given a diagnosis of endometriosis — which can lead to infertility issues in hopeful mommas.


In 2015, the singer suffered a miscarriage while on tour. She talked about how the stress of touring brought on the symptoms of her endometriosis more severely.

That could be what triggered the miscarriage.


When I started touring and playing concerts and traveling, the stress and strain on my body really started to enhance the symptoms and make the experience a little bit worse.

Halsey on The Doctors

She said that at the time, “No one knew what to do,” and she ended up putting on an adult diaper, downing two pain killers, and going on stage to perform that night.

BUT, that was then. NOW she is showing off her baby bump, and letting the world know that there is a new baby on board.


In the comments of her Instagram post, Alev wrote, “Heart so full, I love you, sweetness.” 

In response, Halsey countered with, “I love you!!!!!! And I love this mini human already.”



Congratulations to the happy couple!


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