Taylor Swift is Officially Back On The Market After A 6 Year Relationship Has Ended

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I’ll be honest, I had no idea Taylor Swift was even dating anyone let alone had a 6 year relationship.

But if you were one of the people that knew, you may be interested to know that she is officially back on the market.

News just broke that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have seemingly broken up after six years of dating.


Entertainment Tonight initially broke the news on April 8, revealing that a source told the outlet that Swift and Alwyn split “a few weeks ago.” People later confirmed the breakup.


Upon reading reports, rumors of their breakups have swirled over the years but this time, it seems like it may be for real.

And sadly, there is no late April Fool’s Day jokes here.

Entertainment Tonight’s source did say that the breakup “was not dramatic” and “the relationship had just run its course,” noting that their separation is “why [Alwyn] hasn’t been spotted at any shows” on Swift’s Eras Tour. 


I mean, so many fans wondered where has has been this entire tour and I guess it would make sense now.

Joe Alwyn is known for his roles in Ang Lee’s 2016 war drama, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, and has since played supporting roles in films such as The Favourite, Boy Erased, Mary Queen of Scots, and Harriet. 

Taylor Swift is, well, you know Taylor Swift. And she’s a music icon for so many.

Honestly, many Swifties (Taylor Swift Fans) loved these two together and thought they’d finally see Taylor get married and possibly start a family.


However, with this news, looks like that will be a put on back burner for now.

Super sad but looks like Taylor Swift may have some new inspiration when it comes to song writing!

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