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Lady Gaga Just Released A New Music Video And It’s As Good As You’d Expect

I just adore Lady Gaga not only is she unique and cool, but she’s an all around good person with a good heart.

And if you like her too, you will be happy to know she just released a new music video!!

The music video was just premiered and it’s for her single “9-1-1” off her album “CHROMATICA”.

The song hits her close to home which is something she talked about it in an interview.

“[Medication] is not fun to talk about for most people, but it’s a very real part of modern life for those who need it. This was her truth and she wanted to write about it even though she knew it would be painful to ‘go there,'” producer BloodPop previously told EW

[‘911’] hit me particularly hard as well because at the time I had to get on medication for OCD and depression for the first time in my life.”

Lady Gaga

The music video is quirky and weird and about something real which is all things I love so I really loved it!

Also, can I just say that she always has the BEST costumes?!

You can watch the music video for 911 below.

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