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Universal Pictures Just Released The Teaser Trailer For ‘Halloween Kills’ And It’s As Creepy As You’d Think

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It’s HERE!! *Cue Creepy Piano Music*

Universal Pictures

The trailer teaser for Halloween Kills — a new Michael Myers film — just dropped, and this film happens to also have Jamie Lee Curtis, once again reprising her role as Laurie Strode.

Universal Pictures

Y’all don’t know how much Halloween movies freak me out, exactly. I mean, some people are terrified of Pennywise. Some are spooked by Jason Vorhees. My huge fear is Michael Myers.

That dude is scary!! I mean, the mask, the music, I can’t take it!!

Universal Pictures

In this TWELFTH installment of the Halloween saga, poor Laurie Strode’s family must endure the psychotic being that is Michael Myers.

Universal Pictures

They just can’t catch a break, man. Michael has been coming after them since 1978.

Universal Pictures

According to all sources, this film was supposed to come out Halloween of this year. But, thank you, coronavirus. It is one of the MANY films that has been pushed back.


Universal Pictures on YouTube says this film is slated to drop October of 2021. Boo.


See the teaser trailer below.

I am getting Halloween fever — not to be confused with the Movie!! You have got to check out my FAVORITE Jack Skellington Frappuccino. It’s almost Pumpkin Spice Season, y’all!!

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