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Here’s How to Make Chick-fil-A at Home So You Can Skip the Drive-Thru and Save Money

Cooking dinner after work is not always as fun as it seems, we’ve all been there.

And if you’ve been craving a pit-stop at Chick-fil-A after work instead of making a salad for dinner, here’s how you can enjoy the chain’s food without spending any money at the drive-thru.

Thanks to Facebook user @Brian Blackmore for sharing his trick to eating Chick-fil-A without popping by the restaurant itself, how does chicken nuggets and waffles fries sound for dinner tonight?

So move over Chick-fil-A because you have officially been replaced, we hope there are no hard feelings.

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

Currently stocked in the frozen section, you can find large bags of frozen food that are very similar to the chain’s famous hot waffles fries and chicken nuggets.

Specifically the Member’s Mark Southern Style Waffles Fries and Chicken Bites, these frozen bags are basically a homemade version of a Chick-fil-A meal.

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

My mouth is already watering.

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

So not only can you make Chick-fil-A at home, but the heating instructions for a regular oven on both the chicken bites and the waffles fries may take even less time cooking than waiting in line at the drive-thru.

We all know how long it can take to get through Chick-fil-A’s drive-thru lines.

Courtesy of Target

Now all we need is Chick-fil-A sauce, and since the chain started bottling their sauces at grocery stores, you can make this meal nearly an exact replica of the chains by snagging their sauce at stores like Target.

You can also find the chicken bites and waffles fries currently at Sam’s Club to make everynight, a Chick-fil-A night!

Courtesy of @Brian Blackmore