How To Snack at Work

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Working in an office is something that a lot of us busy moms do, and one of the toughest parts is avoiding the breakroom birthday cakes or sacks of candy that people brought in from home because they just can’t keep it in their house not one more minute.


So, I’ve partnered with ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Snack Bars to bring YOU How To Snack at Work!

The key to snacking at work is prep. I know what you are thinking– that you don’t have time to prep and chop and cut and all that, and I totally get it!

BUT you do have time to grab some things quickly, and THAT is my snacking at work trick. Give yourself a REASON to skip the mid-afternoon cupcake party in the breakroom by making sure you aren’t starving by then!

Go For The Already Cut Up Fruit. Yeah, I know it costs more, but I don’t care, if you end up eating junk because you didn’t feel like cutting up some strawberries, then you are just going to pay for it when you have to hit the gym later anyway.

cut up fruit

Eat a Pre-Packaged Snack. ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple has released special seasonal-inspired flavors of Peppermint Bark and Pumpkin Chai for a limited time only, and they are a delicious way to spend a few minutes on yourself this afternoon.

perfectly simple zone bars

Drink Some Water. This is the super secret weapon to all things wonderful. Hungry? Drink water, Tired? Drink Water. Get a cute water bottle, match it to the office supplies on your desk, make it a part of your day.

water bottle

Just remember, snacking is a SNACK. 🙂

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