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You Can Get A Giant Inflatable Gold Crown Pool Float and I Already Feel Like A Queen

If this pool float doesn’t say #queen I don’t know what will, because this is the ultimate inflatable you need this summer!

Courtesy of Amazon

Ladies, it’s the world’s largest floating crown, according to Amazon’s description, and it has the exact color I’m looking for in a tan this summer, GOLDEN!

Courtesy of Amazon

If you want to float like the true queen you are, this is the go-to inflatable to look the part!

Courtesy of Amazon

By FUNBOY, this inflatable is big enough to sit you and four of your friends comfortably, with large crown point backrests that also recline for maximum relaxation.

With four cupholders and handles for easy entry, this inflatable is the most unique. It sets itself apart from the others, by including a mesh circle in the middle for a foot bath that everyone can soak their feet in!

Now how cool is that, while you’re soaking up the sun in the ocean or in your pool in the backyard, you can easily keep dry while also cooling down in the mesh foot bath!

Courtesy of Amazon

It also inflates and deflates in a rapid four minutes so you don’t waste any time missing out having fun in the sun!

You can purchase this one of a kind pool float off of Amazon, if this is something that interests you!

Now ladies, let’s all get together and have fun this summer, I’ll bring the crab dip!