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Walmart Is Selling Red, White And Blue Sorbet Just In Time For The Fourth Of July

Walmart is introducing a new and very colorful dessert to indulge in on the 4th of July, Labor and Memorial Day.

We know you know that Walmart’s new sweet treat must consist of red, white and blue colors so without further ado, here’s introducing sorbet that is colored like the American flag.

Courtesy of @junkfoodinthetrunk3

The red, white and blue sorbet is a mixture of cherry, blue raspberry and lime for a patriotic theme and a fruity taste every time you dip your spoon for a quick bite.

Courtesy of Walmart

It’s currently unclear how long the new frozen treat will stay in frozen aisles so while you can, grab a pack or two, the next time you visit your local Walmart.

You can currently snag the 48 ounce container in Walmart stores for $1.97 to celebrate the fourth of July, to hand out on Memorial Day or to snack on during your day off on Labor Day.

Courtesy of Walmart

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