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This Succulent Will Remind You Of Tiny Strawberries Growing On A Vine

The Echeveria flowering succulent is a forgiving plant for those who were born with the brown thumb gene.

Courtesy of @meraki_luino

The colorful succulent will remind you of a certain fruit that grows on a vine with less work and worry involved for us part time, full time and all around busy bees.

Courtesy of @enigmaticimagery

Introducing, the Echeveria Flowering Succulent.

Courtesy of @succulentsdz

This succulent will grow a beautiful flower that looks very similar to tiny strawberries sprouting on a vine!

Courtesy of @diariodeplantas

Each flower that sprouts looks similar to a small strawberry that is just beginning to grow if they were colored baby pink or purple.

Courtesy of @succulent_garden_il

Each flower that sprouts will vary in between colors, which means you can expect baby pink, purple, red, light green, or even orange colors to appear in your flower.

Courtesy of @succulent_garden_il

Light many succulents, this drought loving flower enjoys a warm sunny windowsill to sit with minimal watering days.

Courtesy of @le_jardin_botanique

You can currently snag a pack of Echeveria Flowering Succulent seeds starting at $2.90 on Etsy, courtesy of ManchesterBotanics shop owner.

Courtesy of @cartflower