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No, You Do Not Microwave Your Money To Sanitize It

People. Listen please. Do NOT put your cash in the microwave!

Just like we posted about the people microwaving masks. Just don’t do it!

Yes, cash is dirty. It has always been dirty. When you handle cash at any time, you should always wash your hands afterward. Think of how many places that money has been since printed.

Plus, think of all of the places people keep their money on their bodies. Some of those stash places are sweaty and downright gross. The simple answer is to wash your hands.

Don’t microwave your money to sanitize it. K?

What you DON’T do is microwave it, please do not do this. Banks and Credit Unions are urging you not to do this! Your money will burn.

So, if you choose to handle money, do it, then wash your hands. Don’t touch your face, do not lick your fingers, count it, pay, then wash your hands.

Researchers found microorganisms living on the surface of cash. I mean I think most of us think about this right?

Well, the stuff they found ranged from mouth bacteria and vaginal bacteria as well as viruses.

This information is from a 2017 study that was conducted in New York City.

Just wash your hands and again, DO NOT microwave your money.