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Candace Cameron Bure, The Queen Of Hallmark Christmas Movies, Is Headed To A New Network

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It is going to be so weird not seeing Candace Cameron Bure starring in any of the plethora of Hallmark Christmas Movies that are airing this holiday season.

But, it’s true. Candace has jumped the Hallmark holiday ship and joined the team over at the Great American Family network — a network that launched just last year.

Candace decided to leave The Hallmark Channel for the more family-friendly GAC Family franchise last spring.

GAC Family prides itself on “it’s focusing on family-friendly, including holiday-themed, movies and series that celebrate American culture, heritage and lifestyle.”

As for Candace’s part with GAC Family, she is going to have her hands in many different ventures.

Through her Candy Rock Entertainment company, she is going to help develop and produce movies and television series across GAC Family and GAC Living.

Of course, you can expect to see her starring in some of those ventures.

We just may consider Candace the new Queen of the GAC Family, because not only will she have her hands in development and production, she will be a big part of their annual Great American Christmas.

Hallmark, who? AMIRITE?!?

In fact, her very first project for the GAC Family Christmas, A Christmas…Present, is going to air in November.

In A Christmas…Present, Bure plays Maggie Larson, an overly scheduled real estate agent and Type-A mom who takes her family to spend Christmas with her widowed brother and his daughter. Maggie and her brother have decidedly different expectations for the holiday. Through a series of transformative events, Maggie learns to embrace the reason for the season.

Great American Family

According to the Great American Family website, the Great American Christmas festivities begin on October 21st.

Merry Christmas! Here your favorite stars, original movies, and fun-filled specials shine merry and bright all throughout the season. So deck your halls, mark your calendars, and get ready to celebrate your new favorite holiday tradition.

Great American Family

You can find the Great American Family network on DirectTV, Dish, Philo, Sling, Spectrum, Hulu, and an entire slew of other streaming services.

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