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The McDonald’s New Robotic Drive-Thru Ordering System Is Causing Chaos And It’s Hilarious

ICYMI, McDonald’s has started rolling out a new ordering system that uses Artificial Intelligence to take customer’s orders.

This is definitely one time that robots are NOT in danger of taking over the world. The technology is causing major chaos, and it’s hilarious.

Of course, these McDonald’s drive thru interactions are being caught by TikTok users, so we all get to witness the funny mayhem.

One TikToker, known as @resinsbiren, detailed her encounter with the McDonald’s A.I. system, and it’s funny how incredibly wrong the system got her order.


This morning I tried to go to McDonald’s and get my daily dose of caffeine and some breakfast — She adds the Diet Coke from the next [drive thru] line to my screen. So tell me why when I tell her — this robot — that I have no Diet Coke, for some reason she took the Diet Coke off and made it nine sweet teas!


The McDonald’s A.I. insanity doesn’t stop there. LOL!!

When @typical_redhead_ tried to order from the new McDonald’s A.I. system, for some reason it decided to add 25 10-piece meals to her order.

You can hear her laughing hysterically as she tries to tell the system to “STOP” adding chicken nuggies.


Then, when @that_usa_guy pulled up to the drive thru, he totally confused the A.I. system.

He asked for a Mt Dew, which is a Pepsi product. McDonald’s exclusively carries Coke products.


The A.I. system responded by just making his order a Coke — and then it wouldn’t take it off the order.


You can’t make this stuff up!!

I’m loving it!

Sorry, robots, it looks like the humans have won this round! You can’t come for us today.

You can see the McDonald’s A.I. system disasters here — @resinsbiren, @typical_redhead_, and @that_usa_guy.