Red Lobster Has Been Quietly Closing Locations and We Are All Not Okay

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In my area, Red Lobster is truly one of the last reasonably priced seafood restaurants and it looks like, that may be coming to an end.

Just last month we told you that Red Lobster was considering bankruptcy and seeking council on filing a chapter 11 after they’ve had millions of dollars in lost revenue.

And now, it looks like they may have actually started the process of filing for bankruptcy or at least started liquidating their locations.

It has been reported that more than 50 locations have already quietly closed their doors and that those locations are already selling off their equipment.

While Red Lobster has yet to make an official statement regarding these restaurant closures, many sources have info.

As of right now, there are at least 50 locations closed across 27 states and people have begun stating their local Red Lobster was suddenly closed without warning.

This is truly sad for the employees too. One minute they have a job and the next, they don’t.

According to USA Today, The Red Lobster website currently lists 87 locations as “temporarily closed” in 27 states and according to The New York Times, “equipment from more than 50 Red Lobster restaurants across the United States was up for auction.”

TAGeX Brands is the equipment liquidation company and announced on Monday that Red Lobster auctions are currently live and will end on Thursday, May 16.

Right now, we are unsure if that means they are just closing the least profitable locations, selling off the equipment and keeping other locations open or if this is the first of the end of Red Lobster.

For fans of the seafood establishment, this could be some really sad news so maybe pop into your local location while you can just in case.

You can see the list of Red Lobster Locations Closed So Far Here.

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