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This Tumbler Allows You To Enjoy Your Hot and Cold Drinks in One Container and I Need It

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It annoys me when I have a big busy day and have to choose between my hot coffee and cold drink.

But I just learned that I no longer have to choose and can have both in one easy-to-carry container!

Image credit: Splitflask

Let me introduce you to the Splitflask! The Splitflask is a 30 oz tumbler that has two separate sections, one meant to keep your hot drinks hot and one to keep your cold drinks cold!

Image credit: Splitflask

The coolest part is that you can drink from each side independently! The Dual-Sip™ lid is set up so you can choose which side to drink from. The hot side lets you sip and the cold side has a straw.

Image credit: Splitflask

Your hot drink will stay hot and the cold side will stay cold thanks to the vacuum-insulated dual chamber.

Image credit: Splitflask

You won’t need to worry about the drinks mixing or spilling either.

You can choose to use it in a few different ways:

  1. Hot & Cold: Put a hot drink (like coffee) in one chamber and a cold drink (like iced water) in the other.
  2. Hot & Hot: Place two hot drinks in both chambers to keep them warm longer.
  3. Cold & Cold: Store two cold drinks in each chamber to keep them cool for an extended time.
Image credit: Splitflask

This just made it onto my list of needs for this summer! My day can start with my hot coffee, but then I will also have my ice-cold drink ready for me as the summer temperature rises throughout the day.

You can buy the Splitflask for just $56 on sale right now! Stay hydrated friends!

Image credit: Splitflask

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