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Dunkin’ Donuts Is Reportedly Adding Matcha Lattes and ‘Snacking Bacon’ To Their Menu

Is it too early to talk about St. Patrick’s Day? Dunkin’ Donuts sure doesn’t think so.

candyhunting/Krista E. Yelp

In fact, just in time for the St. Patrick’s day festivities, Dunkin’ is bringing out a special new menu. On it will be a set of green drinks, and daaaang — they look good!

Courtesy of candyhunting on Instagram

Dunkin’s new green beverages are made from Matcha!

What is Matcha, you ask? Well, they take whole green tea leaves, and grind them into a fine powder. They then mix this powder with hot water, and Matcha is magically born.

It seems that Dunkin’ Donuts is getting in on the Matcha craze, bringing us Matcha Lattes, Matcha Iced Lattes, and *possibly* Matcha Coolattas.

These great new GREEN drinks are supposed to be available from February 26 through March 31st, and I can’t wait!

Also, reportedly on this new menu, Dunkin’ has, what they are calling “Snacking Bacon,” and I can’t even.

Its official name is Sweet Black Pepper Snacking Bacon, and it looks like it comes in it’s own little bag — kinda like french fries — to hold and eat. A Matcha Latte and Snacking Bacon might just be my perfect breakfast!

Other things on the menu include a protein muffin, something called a Dunkin’ bowl, and a change to white cheddar cheese on their sandwiches.

Bring on February 26th! I can’t WAIT to try the new Dunkin’ Donuts menu!

Courtesy of candyhunting on Instagram

While we wait, give our Starbucks Shamrock Frappuccino at try. It tastes like a thin mint cookie and has matcha in it!