Prince William Broke Royal Protocol To Take A Selfie with A Fan and I Love It

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This just made my day! Prince William ignored Royal Protocol and took a selfie with a loving fan! Jennifer is a pro at the selfies with famous people!

Donna Malone

Jennifer was pretty much a miracle baby! She has fought and survived Meningococcal Meningitis and even spent 7 weeks on life support! A real warrior!


Jennifer Malone must be a special girl! She seems to meet people where ever she goes! Even a prince!

Yes, she has Down Syndrome, but that isn’t what makes her special. She is truly loved by many and THAT is what makes her special. She is also super on point with her selfie game!


Just looking at all of the things she does on her mom’s Instagram proves that! This girl loves sports! She leads such an exciting life!


Her mother, Donna Malone, posted the photos of Prince William taking a selfie with her daughter. This is definitely not something the Royal family normally does.


The Prince was visiting Prosperous village in Co Kildare Ireland when the two met.


Jennifer had given William a bouquet of daffodils to give to his wife Kate Middleton. So sweet!

The prince then gave her a hug, thanked her for being so thoughtful! Then he took a selfie with her!

Credit: Donna Malone

What a day to remember! This is probably high up on the selfie point scale!

Credit: Donna Malone

Jennifer even scored a selfie with Hugh Jackman! He posted it to his Twitter with a shout out! Another super high point selfie! You ARE awesome Jennifer!

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