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Monkey Tail Beards Are The Latest Trend For Men And I Don’t Know Why

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Ok, I accepted the mullet… it was a nice throwback to my youth. But this monkey tail beard thing has me saying huh?

Yes, monkey tail beards are an actual thing that men are doing right now. I’m scrolling through instagram and I see this has been a trend in the past as well.


Why? What is happening?

Is this some secret man code that I don’t understand? The dude below definitely looks like he has answers.


Does it mean something? I am so freaking confused right now and you know, maybe that’s the point.


Maybe I’m not supposed to understand the “why”. But if anyone happens to know, my nosey self sure would like an answer.


I mean I get that we all need our creative outlets, for me that means dying my hair, creating art etc. I’m not bashing the choice, just wondering the “why”.


I showed my husband and he gave me a big ‘ol “NOPE!”. So apparently not all men are in on the why behind the trend began or why it returned.


Now my question to everyone reading this, have you ever spotted a monkey tail beard in person? Do you know someone that has a monkey tail beard?


Let me know what you think in the comments, my inquiring mind needs more information.


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