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Disneyland Will No Longer Offer Annual Passes. Here’s What We Know.

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Oh no! This news is going to affect so many people throughout the state of California — and beyond.

Disneyland is no longer going to offer its annual pass program, and all of California just let out a collective cry.

California based Disneyland, has been offering a tiered level annual pass for YEARS. These passes would allow people to play in the parks weekly, monthly, weekends, and more, depending on which tier you purchased.


Since the parks — both Disneyland and its sister, California Adventure — have been closed for dang near a year at this point, the powers-that-be at Disney have decided to forgo annual passes — at least as we now know them.


They will eventually be coming out with another ticketing option, but at this point, we do not know what that may look like.


Potrock (Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock) offered no timeline for the future offerings, citing the unpredictability of the current environment. The surge of coronavirus cases gripping Southern California prevents theme parks from knowing when they will reopen or what restrictions they’ll face once they do.

Los Angeles Times

Disney is already planning on issuing automatic refunds to those who had annual passes that went past the closure of the parks last March.


But, it is sad to know that Dis-Nerds, like me, won’t be able to simply plan a trip on their annual pass anymore. They will have to make other plans when it comes to getting their Disney fix.


Potrock said that, long-term, he believed this move would be a “silver lining” of the pandemic for Disney — an opportunity to shape a program better suited to many of Disneyland’s fans, whose financial circumstances may have changed recently, while also potentially having more flexible tiers for those who don’t necessarily consider themselves park regulars.

Los Angeles Times

Things are pretty much on hold until AFTER the pandemic, when the parks can open back up.


We will let you know as soon as we find out more information on the Disneyland Annual Pass situation.


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  1. This seems like a really nice place to hang out and meet KIND people. I can’t wait to see what is being talked about.
    Somebody was talking about Netflix. I am personally waiting for the final season of Ozark. I also wish Fleabag would continue.
    I already watched The Crown this past fall.
    I would like to hear if Locke & Key is going to continue.
    I watched Riverdale when it started. I got involved in some other stuff and just decided to catch up. Have they started the season where all the teens get 3 years older? I want to see that. I love most of the characters. I watched All My Children all the years it was on. I’m happy to see Mark Gunsuelas (murdered the spelling of his name) Even though He’s mixed up in bad stuff, I like to see him act. And his son, also.