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Rumors Are Circulating About ‘Wednesday: Season 2’. Here’s What We Know.

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Rumors are swirling about season 2 of Wednesday. I mean, what the heck is going on?!?


No — they haven’t even announced a season 2 yet.

But, that’s not why the rumor mill is running rampant.

We assume Wednesday‘s coming back for its sophomore season.


After all, it is one of Netflix’s most popular shows ever to exist — and for good reason, right?

That dance scene alone — pure genius!!

But, the rumors about season 2 of Wednesday are still flying.

It doesn’t have so much to do with will Wednesday exist.

It has to do with where Wednesday will exist.


Rumors are saying that Wednesday is going to leave its home at Netflix, and jump ship on over to Amazon Prime.

But, according to Vulture, that rumor might not actually be true.


Although Wednesday found its home at Netflix, it is an MGM Television production.

Speculation has people thinking that, since Wednesday is an MGM Television production, the show might actually switch over to either MGM+ or Prime Video.

Amazon Prime

But, that speculation is just that — speculation.

It probably won’t really happen.


Producers are starting to talk to writers about joining the second season’s writers’ room and mulling season two locations, and even though MGM has been restructured into Amazon Studios, under Jen Salke, no one expects that to derail future seasons.


So, we will have to see what happens, but odds on favorite is for Netflix to keep streaming rights to the second season of Wednesday.


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