This Company Will Pay You $2,000 To Release 100 Cockroaches Into Your Home and Um, Eww

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Um, ewwww…

Cockroaches are one of those insects that I have nightmares about!

There is a pest company in North Carolina that wants to pay people $2,000 so that they can release 100 cockroaches in their homes.

My skin is crawling just thinking about it!

They’re looking for 5 to 7 homes that would allow them to release the American cockroaches in their houses… not just one or two cockroaches but 100 of the creepy crawlies!

The Pest Informer posted the call-out on its website and I can not even imagine signing up for this.

The reason behind the campaign is to study a pest control technique and it will last for about 30 days with technicians filming the process.

I have lived in houses with roaches before and getting rid of those things is so hard, I like money and I sure could use $2,000 but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Imagine the sleepless nights, the fear of a roach crawling into your ears, or nose and getting stuck in there… ewwwwwww….

If you are brave enough to participate you do need to live in the continental United States, you also need to be 21 years old, and they require written approval from the homeowner.

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They also have stipulated that during those 30 days you can not use other pest control techniques.

After the initial 30 days, if the technique they are testing doesn’t work, they will use traditional techniques to remove the infestation of cockroaches.

Do you realize how fast 100 cockroaches can multiply?

According to Pestech, a female can produce 2 egg cases per week and each of those cases has about 16 eggs and hatch 24 to 38 days later…

What if there are eggs left behind… this scares me and I am not even considering signing up.

If you’re brave enough to participate you can fill out this form on the company’s website… ew.

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