We Now Have A Tampon Shortage and It’s At The Worst Timing Ever

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Like, could we just get a break… it’s summer, time to swim and have fun and now we have a shortage of tampons!

This isn’t as serious as the baby formula shortages of course, but it is still a huge inconvenience for women.

I mean I can survive without tampons, but so many women and teenagers rely on tampons, especially during the summer.

It’s time for the pool, the lakes, the beaches… all of that means we kind of need our tampons to fully enjoy the summer.

Some people haven’t been able to find the products that they use in the stores for months and have had to order their period supplies on Amazon and have to pay more for them.

According to Bloomberg, prices of tampons have risen by almost 10%!

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The shortages are due to supply chain issues for the materials used to make the tampons, like cotton and plastic.

A spokesperson for Procter & Gamble told Time that retail sales exploded after the ad campaign with Amy Schumer, I don’t buy that since that isn’t the only brand that is hard to find right now.

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Thankfully there are other options available to women such as the reusable cups that have been around for a while now!

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