Walmart Is Selling Frozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cream With Marshmallow Swirl And Chocolate Chunks

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I always crave hot chocolate in the dead of winter, preferably right before I hit the hay for the night.

It’s one of my favorite hot beverages (other than the White Chocolate Mocha coffee at Starbucks) to order.

Considering that I love hot chocolate, Walmart has their own brand of hot chocolate flavored ice cream that I have no doubt I’ll fall in love with and no, it’s not just plain chocolate!


The frozen hot chocolate ice cream combines a few different flavors that any individual with even the slightest sweet tooth will love.

The mixture includes chocolate caramel ice cream, marshmallow swirl, and chocolate chunks. So it’s basically like a hot cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top but with a boost of caramel drizzle, sounds good to me!

Courtesy of Walmart

You can currently get the entire pint of ice cream at Walmart for just about $2. I mean shoot, a regular small hot chocolate will at least cost you $3 and now you can have more than double the amount of hot chocolate for less!


Bring on the chilly nights, fuzzy blankets and frozen hot chocolate ice cream!

Courtesy of Walmart

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