Ankle Scarves Are The New Trend For Those Always Cold

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This time of the year is cold, colder for some then others. With that being known, someone (and we’re not naming any names) decided it was time to introduce a new trend: Ankle Scarves.

Yup, we aren’t kidding.

For those that are always cold from head to toe, this seems like it could be a good thing and a nice way to keep your ankles toasty.

Although, we’ll be honest, it’s probably a trend to keep at home. Unless you are looking for the raised eyebrows and head turns then by all means rock these this winter.

Sure, you could just wear socks or some fashionable boot cuffs but that wouldn’t be as fun. This trend was first reported by Lercio and you can get in on this action by snagging a pair of ankle scarves below.

Happy Scarving!

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  1. Wow,What an stupid brilliant idea, What’s next,genital scarfs?

  2. This is truly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.

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