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You Can Plant Mushrooms That Glow In The Dark In Your Yard

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I came across the coolest thing today! Glow in the dark mushrooms that you can totally plant yourself!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Mushrooms are weird! I don’t like to eat them, they have a weird texture that I just can’t handle.

But there are so many health and medicinal properties that come from some of the many varieties of mushrooms. I know my family up north go mushroom hunting often!

mushbank – Etsy

Mushrooms are normally found in heavily wooded areas all over the world. These glow-in-the-dark mushrooms would be quite amazing to see in the woods at night!

They call the glow “Foxfire”, what a cool name! Sounds like some code name for a spy or superhero…

mushbank – Etsy

Scientists believe that the glowing light is meant to attract insects. There are over 70 species of the glowing fungi!

They call them Bioluminescent Mushrooms, and they totally look like normal mushrooms in the daylight. But once it’s dark it is truly a beautiful thing to see!

Rainforestworld – Etsy

Now, before you run off to buy some, if you have pets please do your research before planting anything they can get to. There are a lot of things that people grow that are toxic to dogs and cats.

If you want to grow some Bioluminescent Mushrooms at your home, they have some for sale on Etsy!

mushbank – Etsy

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