Crane Flies Are Often Mistaken As Mosquitos. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Kill Them.

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Let’s just call it as is.

Mosquitos are bothersome during the summertime and the inevitable is that you most likely will get bit at least a handful of times.

While the first thing you might think when you see one is to swat, a look alike insect is sadly getting the brunt end of the stick because of its looks.

The look alike insect known as crane flies are often mistaken for mosquitos, which in return is getting the doppelgänger insect killed.

Courtesy of the Pacific Northwest Entomology

Crane flies are known to do the exact opposite of mosquitos, they do not suck blood but instead enjoy feeding on the nectar of flowers to help pollinate the plants!

A recent post gone viral on Facebook with almost 30 thousand shares from the public group @Pacific Northwest Entomology, sent out the PSA hoping to spread the word that crane flies should not be killed!

Courtesy of the Pacific Northwest Entomology

Therefore, if you’re able to tell the two apart and would rather have the insect outside of your home instead of on the kitchen counter or hanging from the wall of your living room, carefully remove the crane fly outside and please, do not kill.

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