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Here’s How To Make A Vision Board To Manifest A Crazy Good Year

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Bye, 2023!!

Thank God, right?!?

All the experts agree — Oprah and Deepak Chopra count as experts, right? — manifesting your dreams into reality is the way to go.

And, they say that a good way to start manifesting your dreams is to create a vision board.

I know, I know. People have talked about vision boards for YEARS.

But, maybe THIS year is the year to actually make it happen.

So, bust out those colorful pens that Santa brought you for Christmas, get a poster board from Walmart, and get those creative juices flowing.

It’s time to craft into fruition all the good and wonderful things that 2024 has to offer.

Why Make A 2024 Vision Board?

Don’t overthink this.

I am the LEAST crafty person you will ever meet, and I’m attempting a vision board this year.

You don’t have to get crazy with it.

Being the president and CEO of your company is great in theory — but maybe not exactly realistic for the coming year.

Think about those little things that you can achieve if you put your mind to it in 2024 — more rest, travel more, be a present parent, stop scrolling the hell out of TikTok.

It’s time to put those ideas into action, and get what you want this year!

So what, exactly, is a vision board? Like, for real?

It’s simply a visual reminder of what you want to achieve.

A vision board is there to remind you of your goals, and act as a sort of guide along the way.

How To Make A 2024 Vision Board To Manifest Your Goals Into Reality

I know, it’s a little messy after Christmas, but clear off an area — maybe even on your bed — where you can lay down a poster board and get to creating.

Spoiler Alert: There are really no set rules when it comes to crafting your vision board.

Some people like to cut out pictures of what they want to achieve in the new year, and glue them to a poster board.

Want a new car? Find a fancy picture, and glue it to your board.

Want inner peace? Maybe a picture of a person doing yoga will inspire you.

How about starting that novel you’ve been thinking about? Glue down some pictures of your favorite books.

Dying to take that Disney vacay you’ve been dreaming of? Mickey Mouse it up.

If that’s not your thing — ain’t nobody got time for all that — you can simply make a big ol’ colorful list of your 2024 goals.

You can focus on one big goal, or you can make it a hodgepodge of a bunch of little goals.

You do you, babe.

Take a few moments to self-reflect on what’s important to you — what do you want your life to look like in 2024?

Put it down in black and white — or red, blue, purple, yellow, and orange — on your vision board.

Where To Put Your Vision Board

Some people will tell you to tape your vision board to the inside of your closet door, so you see it every time you open it.


Put that bitch up where you will actually lay eyes on it!!

Make it impossible not to stare down your goals every single day.

You might want to stick it to your fridge with colorful magnets. Maybe put it on the wall across from your toilet in the bathroom. How about putting it above your coffee maker in the kitchen?!?

The goal is to actually see your vision board on a regular basis, so you can constantly be reminded of the goals you want to achieve.

You can do this!!

Let’s manifest the hell out of 2024, and make it the best year ever!!

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