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Target Dropped Their Valentine’s Day Collection And I’m In Love

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Pink and red alert!

Target stores have officially parted ways with their Christmas supply and have stocked their shelves high with red hearts and pink decorations!

That’s right, Target’s latest line of Valentine’s Day decor has arrived at the retail giant and lets just say you’re going to want to run, and not walk to the nearest Target to snag some of their new items!

In a series of viral TikTok videos, social media users have recorded the new products Target has for the day of love, and their entire collection for 2024 is adorably cute.

From kitchen towels, to pink pillows, heart-shaped decorated decor and more, Target will have you swoon over their V-day decor like love at first sight.

Courtesy of @jcrandomly

Including Valentine’s Day vases to give your bouquet of flowers a home, or a red, fuzzy blanket to share with your partner on the couch, Target’s new line of Valentine’s day decor is simply a must-have this year!

And let’s not forget about the heart-shaped champagne flutes that you can find in the Dollar Spot, to raise a toast with your loved one over dinner.

Courtesy of @aloherndez

But my favorite V-day item this year, has got to be the heart-shaped candles, although the pink and white honey pot, is a close second.

You can find Target’s new line of Valentine’s day decor in stores now!

Courtesy of @aloherndez

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